Olympic Valley Stables  History

A Glimpse into the past

Located in the heart of the Squaw Valley meadow, this premiere location holds history of the great pioneer Bud Jones and remittance of the horses that roamed the meadow for centuries.

Once a full operational riding stables with over 50 horses and ponies offering nostalgic experience for all to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the valley.

Towering over the meadow rise the mountains of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, home to the 1960 winter Olympics.

Come arrange a tour and visit the commemorative placard of Bud.

Now we have hosted many events and weddings in regards to this blessed land full of life and history

This photo shows original pioneer Bud Jones riding his horse in the Squaw Valley Meadow”  

Cars parked in the Squaw Valley Meadow during the 1960 winter Olympics.  The meadow was covered in wood chips to make this possible.  Later it was proposed by developers to pave the whole meadow, but luckily due to community outcry, the meadow was restored to its beautiful natural state.  On the right-hand side of the photo, you can see the current barn which still exists onsite”. 


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